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Membership is voluntary, and anyone working or seeking employment in the sectors covered by BECTU can apply for membership.

The union is financed entirely by individual subscriptions from members.

BECTU's Head Office is situated South West London, and is supported by a number of regional offices.

BECTU is a democratic organisation run by delegates elected amongst its membership.

Members are grouped into Branches, which send representatives to an annual policy-making Conference. Branches themselves are grouped into six Divisions.

The National Executive Committee (NEC), consisting of members elected by secret ballot every two years, has on-going responsibility for the running of the union. The union's Rule Book provides full details of BECTU's structure.

BECTU's affiliations include:

BECTU was founded in 1991 after a series of mergers between separate unions during the 1980s, the history of which can be traced back to 1890.

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